Prayer of Dedication for San Antonio Schools

We invite your Presence and the power and conviction of the Holy Spirit into every classroom in our city.  We say that You are welcome in our schools and we open the door to Your transforming Presence.

We welcome Your truth and Your righteousness into our curriculum. We invite Your love and peace into the atmosphere of our schools. 

As tax payers, voters, and citizens we come before You and dedicate our educations system to You: both the School District Officials and the School Boards.  We pray your blessing on them. 

We pray that our schools will embrace biblical values and operate on the principles of our constitution and protect the rights of the weak and the "least of these" and that our rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion will be upheld and protected in our classrooms this year.  We declare that San Antonio teachers and administrators will not be antagonistic toward our Christian students or teachers and their values.

​Father in Heaven, 

Today we dedicate the schools of San Antonio to You.  We come before You as students, parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches and the believers of San Antonio and we ask that You would be Lord over our schoos: from our pre-schools to elementary and middle schools, to our high schools, vocational schools colleges and universities We also dedicate all homeschools, charter schools and private schools to You.

A Strategic Call for Transformational Prayer for our Schools